Thursday, April 24, 2014

Earth Day 2014

4/24/14 - Sam

Tuesday was Earth Day and 3M had several events to celebrate the day. I participated in the Bike to Work festivities. Unfortunately, I live 25 miles away from 3M and I would not be functional at 5am in order to start biking in time to get work and cleaned up in time to start my day! So, I met a group of people at Lake Phalen (that was my first time there, very neat, I'll definitely return!)

As a group we rode the 5 miles to campus and circled the plaza. 3M food services kindly provided us with breakfast and then we posed for some photos. After work we all biked back to Lake Phalen, where every else kept riding to their destinations. I packed my bike into the Jeep and went to happy hour!

This was my first experience riding with a group and I was a little nervous about my ability to keep up, would my relative newbie status show? It turned out I did just fine. It was kind of fun to ride with a group. I'm usually a solo rider, I like putting my headphones in and listening to an audiobook, enjoying the sights and the feel of the wind against my face. Jamey's the only person I've ever really rode with. Penn Cycle does group rides, maybe I'll join one for the practice and experience. Or maybe I'll just crawl back under my bridge!  :)

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