Our Fur Children

These are our fur-kids! They'll probably be mentioned a few times here, so enjoy getting to know them!

Toby is a Doberman/German Shepherd mix. When Jamey and I met, I lived with my dog Quinna, a teeny Cocker Spaniel (Quinna has since passed away, RIP sweet baby girl). Jamey was happy that I had a dog, but he was embarrassed to be seen walking a tiny little "half-dog" as he called her. So he decided he needed a dog of his own, a big, manly dog and found Toby. We adopted Toby when he was four months old and he has been a big baby every since (he's 7 years old now). He's my best friend, the world's greatest little spoon, and has us well trained. Toby's hobbies include playing fetch until he collapses from exhaustion, eating, taking long walks and barking at passing dogs.

Buddy, a German Shepherd, is the newest addition to our family. We adopted him from a rescue organization in March 2013. He had a pretty tough past and has taken some time and training, but he's turned out to be a great dog. Jamey spotted him at an adoption event and it was love at first sight for him. I wasn't so sure, but once I saw how well he and Toby got along I was convinced. He's pretty wonderful! He is the worlds biggest mama's boy, which of course, I love! Buddy has a lot of energy and he has come along on bike rides with me, running alongside the bike. Buddy's hobbies include drinking every single drop of water he sees, eating his food as fast as possible, running alongside the bike, long walks off leash and licking the faces of strange dogs.

We also have a cat, Tigger. Poor Tigger doesn't get to hang out with us as much as he used to because Buddy still has a pretty high prey-drive. We've got a couple private training lessons to complete, and I'm told by the end of them, Buddy will sit in his "place" while Tigger dances around in front of him ... I'll believe it when I see it!

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