Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another bike blog?

Well yes. There are lots of blogs about biking out there. So why should you stick around and read this one? Because we're just like you. Well, we're kind of like you but with cooler dogs. Really though, we're just average people who realized that biking is pretty fun and good for you. We're still figuring this stuff out, so we're in it together. We got the subscription to Bicycling Magazine and realized we are soooo not those people ... the people who ride across Costa Rica, that girl who bikes 25 miles each way to work, even in the winter, that guy who does a 100 mile race for fun. But, if we're being honest, we strive to be a little like those people. (Please, sign me up for a bike tour of the wineries of Italy, but under no circumstances will I ever attempt to do anything resembling the Tour de France)

Come along with us as we learn in earnest more about bike maintenance and repairs, types of bikes and of course, enjoy some great rides with us (either in spirit or in person).

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