Friday, May 9, 2014

5/9/14 - Jamey

Hey all,

Its been an eventful couple of days cycling wise.  I have done quite a bit of cycling.  Last night, I took my first rain ride of the year.  Rather, I found a 40 minute window in between storms rolling through to get 8 miles in.  I got a nice light show in the distance from all the lightning while I was riding though.  Today, Sam and I made a little brewery tour, which is what we do most Friday evenings.  First, we went to theSociable Cider Werks in NE Minneapolis to try a hard cider.  We also shared a delicious Reuben sandwich from the food truck there.
From there, we rode the 3/4 mile to 612 Brew to have one of their delicious brews before we rode home.  Our ride ended up being a 14.4 mile round trip.  It was a little rough coming home as we were riding against a stiff breeze but all in all we enjoyed it thoroughly.
You'll hear again from us soon!

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