Saturday, November 2, 2013

Prevented from biking?

11/2/13 Sam

Over the MEA school break,  Jamey and I took a trip to Duluth and the North Shore. I love that area! The Gitchi-Gami state State Trail, is up there and I would frequently sigh "I wish we'd brought our bikes!" For me, biking is a chance to commune with nature and appreciate the natural wonders of this world. We got a lot of hiking in while we were up there which was almost as good.

Of course, if you know me at all, you know that I'm a klutz. So ... of course ... I fell. I landed really frigging hard square on my tailbone on a pointy rock. OUCH. Two weeks later; still ouch. I tried to ride my bike once since and it was quite painful.

This weekend is one of the last nice weekends we're going to have for a while. The fall colors are still beautiful. I've had a pretty lousy week. I need to get out on my bike, but damn it hurts!! I might have to put the super padded bike seat back on, climb into my padded bike shorts and load up on painkillers and suffer through.

Riding my bike on beautiful trails is like church to me; it soothes and heals my soul, quiets my mind and inspires a sense of awe and gratitude within me. Rest may be the best treatment for my ailing tailbone, but my soul craves some quite time on the bike.

My next post may be one of me whining and crying about the pain, but I suspect it'll still be worth it!

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos from our Duluth trip:

Duluth Bridge at sunset

Obligatory couple pose at Gooseberry Falls

Great view of the falls, a bridge, the river

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